R-22 Conversion

If you haven't planned your R-22 conversion strategy yet, it may feel like you're behind. With recent changes, it's simply not true.

Manufacturers like Guardian have been developing new drop-in condensing units and new refrigerants like R-421A have entered the market to make converting even easier.

At AZ Partsmaster we know how overwhelming R-22 conversion can be which is why we are updating our website with the latest information regarding the new options.



R-22 Reclamation Program

Our SIMPLE SWAPTM Program pays your property 50% of the value of your reclaimed R22 refrigerant. Turn an expense into a credit!



SIMPLE SWAPTM Program - Turn an expense into a credit!

AZ Partsmaster's A-Gas Refri-Claim® SIMPLE SWAP Program is a great way for your property to turn an expense into a credit in 4 Easy Steps.

SIMPLE SWAP includes FREE delivery of a cylinder for reclamation and FREE pick up when the cylinder is full. Your AZ Partsmaster account will then be credited for 50% of the value of the reclaimed refrigerant.


Step 1

Call Partsmaster (888 924-7278) for a fast delivery of clean, empty 30 lb. cylinders.

Step 2

Recover refrigerant and securely attach completed reclaim tag provided by Partsmaster. Do not MIX refrigerants in your recovery cylinder!

Step 3

Call Partsmaster (888 924-7278) for a fast, free exchange of your filled cylinder for a clean replacement.

Step 4

Get a credit to your account from Partsmaster for your recyclable refrigerant*.
*Credit based on purity and current market value of refrigerant


407C Condensing Units

Before you buy another "Good" condensing unit, give Guardian a look. Guardian is proudly made in the USA and features hassle free installation.

You’ve updated the inside of your apartments, when was the last time you updated what’s outside?



Before you buy another "Good" condensing unit, give Guardian a look.


  • Factory installed stainless steel line dryer
  • Removable fan guard for top down service
  • Easy access line valves
  • Swing out control box
  • 1,000 hour salt spray rating
  • 5-year parts and compressor warranty with product registration
  • Proudly made in the USA by Johnson Controls


Hassle Free Installation


  • Operating pressure similar to R22
  • Will function with most R22 air handlers, even pre-1993 models
  • Comes charged with economical R407C refrigerant​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

3 Easy Steps:


1) Recover and reclaim R22 from system


2) Flush line set and coil


3) Install condensing unit per manufacturer’s instructions


Partsmaster/A-GAS Reclamation Customer FAQ


How much do I get paid for reclaimed R22?

Partsmaster will issue a credit to a customer’s account for 50% of the value of the reclaimed refrigerant. As of 5/1/2017 99% pure R22 had a market value of $12. If you turn in 25 lbs. of 99% pure R22 you would receive $150. Keep in mind, the price of reclaimed refrigerants is subject to change without notice.


Why does Partsmaster get to keep 50% of the refrigerants reclamation value?

Partsmaster provides free delivery of a cylinder for reclamation and free pick up when the cylinder is full. We track the individual cylinders and process the return. Unlike other reclamation programs, Partsmaster does not charge you back if you send back a cylinder with mixed or “burned out” refrigerant or any un-reclaimable material. We will also accept cylinders which require recertification.


Will Partsmaster reclaim other refrigerants?

Yes, we will provide a credit for reclaimed R410A as well.


Can I exchange cylinders I already have?

Yes you can:

  • Partsmaster will accept any cylinder, regardless of size or type and will exchange them for an AGAS30, a 30 lbs. cylinder.
  • Partsmaster will provide a “1 for 1” exchange.
  • If you have multiple cylinders we will send you “1 for 1” up to 3 cylinders.
  • If you have more than 3 cylinders we will still handle the reclamation of the refrigerant and pay you the value of the material (see 1 above), however we will not provide replacement cylinders or return the cylinders after reclamation.

Does Partsmaster still sell empty cylinders?

Yes; 30 lbs. A19570, 50 lbs. A19580.


What else should I know?

We highly recommend you use a scale (A63100) to weigh your cylinders to ensure you are returning as full of a tank as possible (20+ lbs.). To determine the amount of refrigerant in the tank, weight the tank and subtract the “Tare Weight”, which is stamped into the cylinder as “TW” followed by a number.

Example: Total Weight 45 lbs. - :TW 17.1 = 27.9 lbs. of reclaimed refrigerant.


Terms & Conditions Subject to Change Without Notice – 5/1/2017