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Flushometer Flush Valve Schematic

Flushometer Flush Valve Schematic
No. Item Short Desc.
1 SL0301172 A-72 Cover
2 SL0301168 A-71 Inside Cover
3 SL0301058, SL0301059 A-19-AC Closet Relief Valve, A-19-AU Urinal Relief Valve
4 SL0301111 A-15-A Disc
5 SL0301188, SL0301170 A-156-A Diaphram, A-56-A Diaphram with A-29
6 SL0301236 A-163-A Guide
7 SL3301036, SL3301037, SL3301038 A-36-A Closet Kit, A-37-A Urinal Kit, A-38-A Closet Kit Water Saver
8 SL0301189 A-156-AA Repair Kit
9 SL0302297 B-39 Handle Seal
10 SL0302279, SL0302390 B-32-A Handle Assembly, B-73-A Handle Assembly
11 SL0301082 A-6 Coupling
12 SL0302305 B-50-A Handle Kit
13 SL0301139 A-31 Handle Gasket
14 SL0306125, SL0306140, SL0306146 F-5-A Spud Coupling 3/4", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"
15 SL0306113, I21930, I21934 Slip Joint Washer
16 SL0306055, SL0306056, SL0306057, SL0306058 F-3 Friction Washer 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"
17 SL0323005, SL0323006, SL0323007, SL0323012, SL0323014, SL0323016, SL0323210, SL0323010 V-500-AA Vacuum Breaker
18 SL3323192 V-551-A Repair Kit
19 SL0308676 H-550 Coupling
20 SL0308801, SL0308803, SL0308805, SL0308807 H-551 Nipple
21 SL0308381 H-552 Lock Ring
22 6319 H-553 O-Ring
23 SL0308757, SL0308724 H-600-A Stop
24 SL0308840, SL0308848 H-573 1" Stop Cap, H-582 3/4" Stop Cap
25 SL3308866 H-574 1" Stop Cap with Bumper
26 SL3308790, SL3308791 Vandal Proof Stop Cap
27 SL3308853, SL3308856 H-541-A 1" Stop Repair Kit, H-543-A 3/4" Stop Repair Kit
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