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Specialized plumbing supplies and repair parts including cartridges, faucets, garbage disposals, drain cleaners, escutcheons, flanges, trim kits, valves, handles, pumps, o-rings, pipe, pop-ups, sinks, showerheads, stems, toilets, tanks, water fountains, water filters and water heaters.
Faucet and shower stems from American Standard, Chicago Faucets, Kohler, Price Pfister and more.
Toilet & Tank Repair
Shop our wide selection of toilet repair including wax rings, gaskets, bolt sets, ballcocks, ballcock parts, tank flappers, handles, balls and discs.
Toilet Seats
Toilet seats in wood, plastic, elongated bowls, round front, ADA compliant, and commercial.
Toilet Tanks
Sloan tank systems, replacement toilet tanks and tank lids from Sloan and Lordahl Mfg.
Tub & Shower Repair Parts
Get rid of your rusty or broken tub and shower parts with our new drains, shower arms, shower heads and tub spouts.
Shower Valves - Tub & Shower Valves
Tub, shower valves and trim kits from Cleveland Faucet Group, Moen, Olympia, Pioneer and Price Pfister.
Tubular - Tubing Repair
Plumbing tubing repair including ABS (black), metal, PVC (white), slip joint nuts, washers, p-traps, j-bend, flanged, and extension repair.
Tub and Shower Drain Repair
Find all the essential drain repair parts for your tub and shower drains including tub stoppers, stopper assemblies, overflow plates and screws.


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